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Air Target Sight

for drones and helicopters etc

Air target sight for NATO (picattiny) rail. Easy to install and remove. Provides reference when foresight aiming at moving objects. Especially made for caliber 7.62x51 mm (.308 W). 



Inner ring

Outer ring

Foresight and refrence tracking is importent when aiming at moving objects. Center ring is used when targets are hovering or flying at low speeds. Inner rings is used when the object is moving at about 150 km/h (cruise speed). Outer rings is used when the object is moving at about 250 km/h (attack speed). The rings are placed in 6 different angles. As shown on the picture above the target is diving from the left. 

Technical specifications:

Item nr: AS2301

Height: 82 mm, 29 mm folded

Length: 237 mm

Width: 59 mm

Weigth: 275 gr

Material: Aluminium and stainless steal.


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