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Multipurpose Carrier for ammoboxes,

radios, accessories


Linker systems


Delinker systems

Flexible feed chute adapter M240

Flexible feed chute adapter

FN Minimi  5,56mm

NATO rail - FN MAG/KSP 58


Speedloaders for MP5, M16 and G3


Flash Hiders for Browning HMG M2, NSV, DShK-M, M240

Ammo box 500 rds 7,62mm M13 or

800 rds 5,56mm M27

Ammo box 250 rds

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Universal feedtray KSP 58

Spade grip 1 no background.png

Spade Grip M240

Blank firing adapter 

NATO rail for feed cover MG3

G3 rail 1 no background.png

NATO rail adaptor for HK G3/AK4