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Ammo Box 500 rds

Ammo box in thin anodized steel with mount for feed chute. Design for carrying 

in a backpacker or Swedish Ordnance ammo carrier. Load up to 500 rds 7.62x51

or 800 rds 5.56 mm linked ammo. Note pictures below to see ideas to use the  ammo box.

Technical Specifications 
Ammo Box 500 rds 7.62x51  M13

                  800 rds 5.56mm  M27
Iterm nr: AB 1702
Hight:     450 mm incl flexholder mount
Length:  250 mm
Width:     85  mm
Weight:   2,5 kg
Material:  Anodized 0,75 mm steel plate
Color: Matte Olive Green or as required

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