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Flash Hider FH1401

for Browning M2 HMG .50 cal




The Swedish Ordnance flash hider for the Browning M2 HMG reduces muzzle flash to near nothing, even when using low cost surplus ammunition.


The Swedish Ordnance flash hider for the Browning M2 HMG main advantages are reliability and simplicity.


With only two solid parts it is easily installed and removed within seconds using the unique (Patent pending) fixation method. Using the tools that are supplied together with the flash hider, installation and removal is even quicker and simpler .


The Flash hider is delivered in a protective tube made from clear plastic. The packing tube can and may be used as muzzle cover for the M2 with mounted flash hider in conditions like rain, snow, sand and mud.


We also offer a disposable chamber and muzzle cover for the Browning M2 barrel with FH 1401 mounted (the same cover fits both ends of the barrel perfectly). The cover allows you to fire NM 140 API and NM 160 API-T incendiary rounds as first round through the cover without igniting the incendiary projectile. Patented SE 538 729 C2  NATO Stock Number: 1005-64-000-3331

Tools for installing/removing FH1401


Technical Specifications

FH1401 Flash Hider M2 .50 cal

Iterm nr: FH1401
Caliber: .50 in (12,7mm)
Length: 220 mm
Diameter: Body 43 mm, ring 50 mm
Weight: 1150 gr
Compliance: Browning M2 (all versions) 
Color: Matte Black 

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