Multipurpose Carrier

Carry more longer


The slings and backpack straps can be completely removed and replaced in under a minute.  Holes for suspension in vehicles, boats, tanks, with e.g. carabiner hooks.


Carry four ammo boxes M19A1 with

light content.


Carry one  M2A1  box with heavy content.


Carry one   PA108   box.


Carry two twin containers 84 mm Carl Gustaf ammunition tubes.


Carry four 5 liter plastic cans of water,

in all 20 liter of beverages. Here one is fitted with a tap.


Backpack straps with thick filling for comfort and various positions in length

and size. 65 aligned holes for the straps. 


Fabrics :  


Carry two ammo boxes M19A1 with

heavy content.


Carry two  M2A1 boxes with light content.


Carry one   PA120 box for 40 mm linked ammo.

Carry two ammoboxes with total 1000 rds 7.62 mm or 1600 rds 5.56 mm.


Carry two  5 liter gasoline cans.


Carry one 20 liter gasoline can.

Carry  old machine gun cases.

Carry a stretcher and first aid kit.

Carry a radio kit with accessories. 

Carry a radio set with accessory bag.

Carry up to six 8 cm mortar grenades.

Coyote version with multicam fabrics.

Bonus. Carry a platoon`s need of beer,

48 cans.

Technical Specification

Item no: AC 1904

Depth:    32 cm

Width:     37 cm

Height:   54 cm

Weight:   2.5 kg empty

Material:  Aluminum

Color: Olive green or as required

Use as a backback or use the handles

to carry it vertical or horizontal. Upper handle has room for hand over.

Rubber feet for stable upright position.

Various sling and backpack strap mount

positions. Compact design for easy transport,  hanging in or on vehicles, boats, tanks.

The product has design protection.

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