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Linker 13 for M13 and M27 linkbelt    BL1301

An easy and cheap way to relink M13 and M27

links and cartridges. Link normal, tracer and other

cartridges as own decide. Cheap way to practice.




Place links and cartridges in position on the tray as decided.

Press handle  forvard under pressure, make sure cartridges goes into link in proper order.

Press forvard into stop level. Linkbelt ready, open handle and


Linkbelt ready to be relinked with another belt, repeat the procedure and conect  link part parts together as long as



Technical Specifications 
Linker 13

Iterm nr: BL1301
Hight:     90 mm
Length: 290 mm
Width:   440mm
Weight: 10,1 kg
Compliance: M13, M27 Links

M13-25 cartr. M27-30 cartr
Color: Matte Black 


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