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Buttstock frame   ST1502

Pattern and design protected at PRV / Sweden

 Data: Buttstock frame ST1502. Length 180 mm. Heigth 67 mm. Weigth 215 gram. Matte black.

The buttstock frame is produced using aluminium alloy type EU ENAB-42000 (SS4244-04)

which has been heat treated for additional strength. The surface is black hard anodized MIL-A 8625 T3 Class 2 in order to reduce signature. On the bottom side of the ST1502 is a rail with six positions, thus allowing the buttstock to be adjusted for six different positions. The rail cover full length of the ST1502, thus adding to strength and durability of the entire contruction. 




The rail on the bottom side of the ST1502 has a 90 mm long track with six positions where the

buttstock is to be fixed in position. Please note that positioning of track can be adjusted according to custome  request    If desired Swedish Ordnance can stamp owners mark, stock number, etc, on the rail.


 The buttstock frame ST1502 fits into the original G3 Backplate (even Swedish version Ak4) without

  any need for adjustments. Just unscrew the standard plastic stock and mount the ST1502 using

  the original 3 screws and look rings. The above operation can be done at the local armory / work-

  shop of each unit. Time needed per weapon is estimated at 5 minutes.



 A large number of buttstocks on the market, both “civilian” and MIL-spec, fit the buttstock

 frame ST1502. Buttstock are provided according to customer request. The picture above

 shows the Magpul CTR MIL spec buttstock mounted on the ST1502. The above solution gives

 a 4 mm higher buttstock position than the old original plastic buttstock, thus making it suitable

 for use with red dot sight and optical sights. On the Magpul CTR buttstock, as well as on buttstocks

 from other producers, it is possible to install cheek support in order adjust the buttstock to the

 soldiers specific request.

 Forend RH1503  

 Data: RH1503. Length 340 mm, picatinny rail at 3, 6 and 9 a clock 260mm, weigth 320 gram, matte black.


 Forend is made from aluminium and has 260 mm long picatinny rails at 3, 6 and 9

 clock. Using the rail all accessories made for picatinny rail are easily installed on the

 weapon. Rail covers can be added to cover the parts of the rails that are not in active use.


The forend is easily installed on the weapon using the original pin hole and to fixation

 screws at the receiver end of the forend. When installed the forend sits tightly on the

 weapon thus making precision use of a laser pointer possible. The RH1503 is black

 hard anodized MIL-A-8625 T3 Class 2 thus reducing signature of the forend.



 Pictures above show the RH1503 installed on a standard AK 4 assault rifle. Also shown in the pictures are a variety of upgrade products from different producers installed on the weapon such as grip with intergrated bipod, laser pointer  , weapon lamp, improved flash hider, telescopic sight, night vision device and adjustable buttstock, modern gunsling.

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