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The Swedish Ordnance picatinny rail for the feed cover of the KSP 58 / KSP 58B is not delivered as a standalone solution unless you want it to be. Rail guard on the front of the weapon can also be provided, rails at 3,9 o clock, fitting the Swedish version of M240, KSP 58.


The upgrade solution supplied to you includes all the necessary screws, special tools and fixtures in order for your armory to upgrade the former Swedish 7.62x51mm machineguns on location in your national armory.


Of course we are willing to offer you any solution that you wish, but it is our firm belief that your technicians will be able to install the picatinny rails after 2 - 3 days of training provided by us.

Picatinny rail fore the M240, KSP58 Cover,  in matte

black aluminium in 3 screws version for fastning..

Picatinny rail mounted in a new renovated cover and

ready for new challange with muti feed tray in position.

Technical Specifications 

NATO rail KSP58  M240

Iterm nr: NR 1805
Hight:      12 mm without support studs
Length:  300 mm
Width:      21 mm
Weight:    70 gr
Material: Hard anodized aluminium
Color: Matte Black

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