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If you wish we can offer you a complete overhaul of the feed cover.


Any or all of the following options are avaiable.


* Repainting of the cover in any colour you choose.


* Dark oxidation of the inside of the feed cover.


* Installing the picatinny rail on the feed cover.


* Sharpening / tuning the end of the feed cover thus assuring that it remains open while loading the weapon. Old and worn feed covers with a rounded forward end tend to not stay open as desired.


But the decision is yours and we are ready to support you !

Feed cover before (top) and after (bottom) renovation.


The black oxidised inside surface of the renovated cover significantly reduces signature when the cover is in open position.


The above picture shows a renovated and repainted feed cover.


Please note the sharp / crisp surface of the renovated hinge. This will guarante that the feed cover remains in open position when loading and unloading the weapon, even when heavy aiming aids are mounted.



Feed cover after renovation, new green (original MIL STD) paint and black oxidised inside of cover.


Also note that a picatinny rail is mounted, thus

making the FN MAG / KSP 58 relevant for years to come.


The above picture shows the feed cover prior to renovation.


Please note the round surfaces of the hinge, a safe way to have problems loading and unloading the weapon.


Also note the surfaces without paint, a guarantee to signal your position by reflexes.


The picture shows a renovated


* new universal feedtray

* repainted cover

* picatinny rail installed


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