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Linker systems linkbelt DM1 (7.62x51)

for MG3 / MAG 58 etc

Link your DM1 linkbelt fast and easy. 


Link machine with original 50 rds hopper.


Link machine with single row hopper for 20 rds.


Original hopper fills one linkebelt with 42 rds with only two turns of the crank. 


Original ammobox fits and can be filled directly under the linker.


Link machine with single row hopper allows you to link various types of ammunition in a specific order. 


The hopper can be replaced easily. Open the lid and slide out or in the hopper. 

Technical Specification:

Item no: LDM1-000

Depth:    45 cm

Width:     38 cm. incl crank

Height:   47 cm. incl hopper

Weight:   9,3 kg 

Material:  Steel and plastic

Color: Black

The product has design protection


Singel row hopper

Item no: LDM1-001

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